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"These are so popular at our store! For the dog who has many collars, this solves the problem of broken finger nails trying to change tags for Mom or Dad!"

- Lucinda Harbin, Pet People LG
"I received my Rubit samples in December and finally got them on my dogs... I would definitely recommend it to people and actually I already have recommended it to my club, the Buckeye Australian Shepherd Club.  I think it is very easy to use, attractive and I trust it will hold up well.  I plan to put a link on my website as one of my favorite things!"
- Carolyn Lincoln, DVM
"I received three samples from Rubit Clip...  sold two right away and had a special order for another. I just placed an order for 36 units with the display rack."

-Sid Segall, a Dog's Life Luxury Dog Boutique